Flame Treatment Burners

Direct Flame Contact Heating

Precision heating with high intensity burners allows advantage to be taken of the unique properties of a gas flame as an efficient controllable and highly directional source of heat.   Localised and very rapid heating is the primary application of our comprehensive range of machine burners and control equipment.

Nordsea’s customers include glass manufacturers in the crystal, tableware, scientific, fibre optics and quartz sectors and manufacturing industries producing electric lamps, thermos flasks, T.V. tubes and ampoules are extensive users.

Brazing and soldering burners are supplied in combustion kit form or as complete finished machines for manual or fully automatic operation.

Oxygen enrichment to air-gas burners offers an efficient solution to give improved heat transfer rates. Nordsea's venturi mixers and needle valves allow accurate control of flame settings for optimum performance.

Surface treatment of plastic to enable improved adhesion of inks in printing, flame treatment of food, including preserves, for sterilising during packing, flame degreasing and cleaning of metal prior to lacquering and painting form a few more examples of the extensive knowledge and expertise available from our application engineers.

Surface treatment of paper, textiles, tin plate and heat treatment processes for wire add to the list of applications for our specialised range of equipment.

High Temperature Burners

Nordsea have developed the concept of surface mixing in the design of gas burners for safe, quiet and economical operation with pure oxygen.

In some applications our burners operating on natural gas can out-perform more conventional burners operating on premium fuel gases such as hydrogen.

Specially designed burners for flame polishing, surface melting and rapid billet heating can take advantage of the fuel and oxygen savings achievable by rapid cycling of the flame on-off or high-low matched to production requirements and interlocked into machine indexing systems.

Burners and controls available for general heating include cast iron and stainless steel nozzles, tubular ribbon burners and drill port bar burners for operation on our range of air-gas injectors with air blowers or atmospheric injectors.

Nordsea combustion equipment and expertise is available on a worldwide basis to end users, manufacturers and gas utilities.

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