Process Heating

Process Air Heating

A range of gas fired air heating burners and systems for drying, curing, baking and practically any thermal process requiring efficient controllable heating.

Conversion and updating of existing plant  or installation on new plant in co-operation with Original Equipment Manufacturers is undertaken.

Nordsea engineers offer expert advice and specialist services, including system design, installation and commissioning.

The areas of expertise available include safety considerations in the areas of ignition flame supervision and control and plant protection devices such as pressure relief panels for low temperature ovens.


High Temperature Processing

We have developed a range of oxygen fuel burners suitable for firing melting furnaces in the ceramics, glass and metals industries.

Ladle and vessel pre-heating stations are also an attractive application for oxygen-gas burners with benefits such as:


Combustion Equipment

We also design and build

Nordsea combustion equipment and expertise is available on a worldwide basis to end users, manufacturers and gas utilities.

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